Hugo Predictions

First things first, I managed to pick a total of 11 of the nominees. Whooo *twirls fingers*

As most people anticipated, Theodore Beale’s slate got a long of nominations. Not all of them, but a lot. The following are my predictions for the Hugos.

Best Novel: I think Butcher will go over as good as he did last year, and I haven’t seen a lot of positive reviews of Seveneyes. Not even Beale liked it, and he nominated the thing. I haven’t read any of them, but am looking forward to reading 5th season and Uprooted. Haven’t read the first two Ancilliary  novels, and it’s a third novel, so I think it’s between Jemisin and Novik. I’m going to go with Nemisin, though I may revise after reading them.

Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

Best Novella: I loved the Builders, but Binti got on by beating the slate.

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Best Novellete: Only non puppy is the Bo Bolander.

“And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead” by Brooke Bolander

Best Short Story: No Award
EDIT 5/31/16: One of the slated works dropped out, and “Cat Pictures Please” was added. I’m pretty sure that will lead to it getting the rocket. As much fun as Chuck Tingle’s countertrolling of Teddy and his ilk has been, I don’t think that it’ll put him above No Award.

Best Related Work: No Award

Best Graphic Story: I’ve heard good things about the Invisible Republic, but it’s a puppy nominee. So is Sandman, but it’s also Neil Gaiman, and a lot of people (including me) nominated it before Beale did so…

The Sandman: Overture

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long: Sure a lot of it has puppy spore, but this category is really way bigger than the puppies. You don’t get points for throwing a coin in the air and yelling “Heads or tails!”  Haven’t seen Ex Machina or the Martian, and Age of Ultron wasn’t as good as Winter Soldier or the first Avengers. I think it comes down to Star Wars or Mad Max. Lots of people though Star Wars was derivative so let’s go with the other.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Best DP, Short: I think that MLP will end up under No Award and wouldn’t be surprised if Supernatural did as well. I don’t think the twincest fans are going to be coming out for the Hugos. I want Jessica Jones to win, but you can never count out Dr. Who. It will be interesting to see how the noms would have shaken out if Beale’s videogames hadn’t gotten DQed.

Jessica Jones: “AKA Smile”

Best Editor, Short: Jerry Pournelle might get no awarded. Other than that it’s a toss up. I’m rooting for JJA but would be happy if Clarke, Datlow, or Williams won.

John Joseph Adams.

Best Editor, Long: Beale, Minz, and Weisskop will get No Awarded. Again. Between Gilbert or Gorinsky, I have no real favorite, and am stoked that the two of them broke through the slate. Gorinsky was the first one I saw Mike Underwood congratulate, so I’ll go with her.

Liz Gorinsky

Best Pro Artist: All puppy picks. I expect it to be No Awarded, but I nominated Rostant, and I’m going to vote for him too. I want him to be there, selling prints.

Larry Rostant

Best Semiprozine: Uncanny Magazine broke through the slate. I think it’ll take it

Uncanny Magazine

Best Fanzine: I think that Black Gate will Recuse, Castalia will go under No Award. EDIT 5/31/16: Black Gate did recuse, and Lady Business was added to the ballot. I think it’ll garner a fair amount of votes, but I don’t see File 770 losing.

File 770

Best Fancast: No Award

Best Fan Writer: Mike Glyer broke through the slate, and I think he’ll pick up the second of his two Hugos this year.

Mike Glyer

Best Fan Artist: No Award. Kukuruyo at the bottom. EDIT 5/31/16: I think if anyone does beat NA, it’ll be Steve Stiles who is a perennial contender.

Campbell: Alyssa Wong broke through the slate.

Alyssa Wong.

Hugo Predictions

3 thoughts on “Hugo Predictions

    1. I’m not sure how you got to that conclusion from this post.

      A) They’re predictions of who I think will win, not necessarily who I’m voting for.

      B) The Sad Puppies didn’t have a slate. They had a recommended reading list that came out like a week before the event. Their Novel “slate” had 10 choices on it. I think that the winner will be one that isn’t even on it.

      C) The categories where my prediction was on the Sad Puppies list were Novella, Novelette, DP – Long, Best Editor – Short, Fanzine, Fan Writer, and Campbell. That’s 7 out of 17. How is that a majority?

      My plan is to read the works that aren’t obviously dreck, and to rank them on my ballot.


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