Predictions vs. Reality: Hugo 2016

Predictions vs. Reality: Hugos 2016

Best Novel:  Success. Fifth Season won. (read it, loved it, good lord. Reading sequel now)
Best Novella: Success. Binti won.
Best Novellette: Failed. Folding Beijing won. I’m just as happy with the results.
Best Short Story: Success. As I predicted when slated work dropped out, Cat Pictures won, then No Award, then Chuck Tingle.
Best Related Work: Success. No Award.
Best Graphic Story: Success. Sandman won.
Best DP, Long: Failed, it went to Martian.
Best DP, Short: Success. Jessica Jones won.
Best Editor, Short: Failed. Datlow won and I’m super happy for her.
Best Editor, Long: 1/2 success. Though I picked Gorinsky, I thought it’d be her or Gilbert, and Gilbert won.
Best Pro Artist: Failed. Abigail Larson won.
Best Semiprozine: Success. Uncanny took it, hell yeah.
Best Fanzine: Success. As suspected File 770 took it, and Lady Business got second.
Best Fancast: Success. No Award.
Best Fan Writer: Success. Mike Glyer
Best Fan Artist: 1/2 success.  My edit had Steve Stiles picked to win and he did.
Campbell: Failed. Weir won. Wong came in second.

11 out of 16 correct. Not bad, but not so good either.

On the plus side, Theodore Beale’s promise that any category No Awarded last year, will remain No Awarded in perpetuity has been proven false. That guy lies a lot.


Hugo Predictions

Predictions vs. Reality: Hugo 2016