Red Right Hand by Chris Holms

Twitter Summary: Combines sparse grittiness of Chandler with thrills and intrigue of Clancy or Thor.

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First Line: The man staggered into the lobby of the Albuquerque field office shortly after three a.m.

Chris Holms loves his noir. Whether he’s writing an urban fantasy about demons, or a crime thriller, he infuses it with the sensibility of noir. There’s no purple prose here, no waxing melodic, just short sharp strokes of description. Water, tinged red, pooled beneath him.

It’s a short novel, made shorter by the speed and intensity in the plot line. It’s a sequel, though there are enough callbacks that it’s not necessary to have read the first. They never reach the level of info dump, organically fitting in throughout the story.

The first book paintedĀ  Hendricks, the protagonist as an anti-hero, a hitman who kills other hitmen, but he’s given a much less ambiguous morality in thisĀ  outing, and that’s one place where reading the previous novel helps out with this one. Without the Killing Kind’s characterization, Hendricks comes off as more of an altruist than someone in it for revenge.

I finished in less than 12 hours, and as short as it was, it felt the right length. I highly recommend this bullet train of a read, and I will definitely be reading anything else Holm releases.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended. I will preorder the third one without hesitation.

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Red Right Hand by Chris Holms